Billing FAQs

Why is my co-payment due at the time of my office visit instead of just getting billed later?

Your co-pay for the services received on the date of service is actually contractually controlled by your insurance company. Mansilla Medical Practice is obligated to collect this from you at the time of service as a partial payment for the visit. These regulations, as well as the amount collected, are stipulations from your private insurance company.

What if I have a deductible, how is that addressed?

Deductibles are different from co-payments. This is the amount out of pocket that your insurance company states you must spend before it covers any of our services. We generally do not collect this at the time of your visit as we first bill your insurance company. After adjustments are made by your insurance a bill is sent to you for payment showing the amount the insurance has allowed us to charge you for the covered service and what amount is your responsibility.

How can I pay my balance and how long do I have to pay it?

Your balance, similar to other household bills you may have, is due within 30 days of the statement date. You can mail in your payment by check, phone in with a credit card, or come to the office and settle with cash, credit card, or check. If your balance goes unpaid than you will receive subsequent statements over another 30 days to clear this up. Staff may ask you to clear your prior balance when you come for another appointment and any balance over 60 days must be paid in full or it will be sent to collections.

What if my insurance won’t cover a service?

For sure it can be difficult to know if a particular service is covered by insurance. We try to let you know trouble areas we see with insurance if we have a prior experience with patient coverage issues but it is our policy that the patient is ultimately responsible for knowing what services are covered. If you are unsure please call your insurance company and ask prior to receiving the service from our office. If you have a service for which your insurance company will not cover than you are responsible for payment of all fees for the services you sought out and received from our provider which your insurance will not cover.

I did not receive a statement but the billing office says I am still responsible for the delinquent balance and must make a payment immediately, if not my account will go to collections; why is this?

Our Billing Department sends out three statements before your account is in trouble. Each statement is 30 days apart. So in order to not receive a bill there would have been a failure to deliver the statement 3 times in 90 days – a problem only encountered if we do not have a current address on file. We consider it the responsibility of the patient to alert our office of address, phone, and insurance changes so we can properly bill your insurance company and the patient to make this hassle free for us all. Failure to receive a statement does not remove your obligation for clearing your balance; and not receiving a statement should cause you to contact our office to clear up the problem.