The primary goal of our clinic is to provide the finest medical care and services to the people in our community. Our practice firmly believes that a good physician/patient relationship is based on understanding and good communication. Below you will find our most Frequently Asked Questions relating to Internal Medicine.

What can I expect from my first visit as a new patient?

The physician will review your current problem as well as an extensive history review and detailed physical exam. When you leave after your appointment we feel confident we know you well enough to have a good foundation to start as your new primary health care provider. We also feel confident you will have enough time to address your issue and set up a proper treatment plan on where to go from this initial contact with our office. Please bring a detailed list of your medications to your initial appointment.

What if I am sick, can I be seen quickly?

We are there for all your health needs and feel it is very important you have access to your physician when you become ill. We make it a point daily to set aside visits on our calendar for sick patients that may be calling that day when they are ill.  Please call the office early in the morning, so we can work our best effort to fit you into our schedule. At RARE times we may have some patients who need to use urgent care facilities; but we make a strong commitment to you we will be able to see you.

I understand there may be a penalty if I fail to show for my appointment, can you explain this?

If you fail to cancel your appointment with 24-hour notice to the office and fail to show for your appointment than you most likely will be charged a service fee. This is not to make revenue for the practice, we would much rather see you and tend to your needs; but this is a fee to deter discourteous patient behavior which causes holes in our schedule where other ill patients could have been seen but were turned away. Our practice strongly believes in your time and focusing on your needs when you are here so we do NOT overbook our time slots like many practices. To that end if a patient does not show up we have wasted time on our schedule in a busy practice that could have used this time for patients in need. In order to protect other sick patient’s access, which may be you one day, we have this “service fee” to discourage improper cancellation or failure to show for appointments.

How do I get my prescriptions refilled?

If you are refilling a prescription that has run out of refills (look on your bottle and it will tell you if none are remaining) just contact your pharmacist and ask them to send an eScript request to our office. We review your chart every time you call for a refill to review your case for accuracy. If there are questions or problems with your refill then our staff will contact you directly  Please give the staff 72 hours (3 days) notice for refill needs as it takes time to review your records to generate the refill and the doctor seeing patients won’t be interrupted to refill a prescription.

What if I am running late, can I still come to my appointment?

We understand that arriving for your appointment late is sometimes out of your control. We will honor your appointment if you arrive within 5 minutes of your scheduled time. If you are later than 5 minutes after your appointment you may need to be rescheduled. We say “may” need to be rescheduled because if we can at all accommodate you we will try our best to see you but cannot guarantee this. We have this policy as we do not overbook our schedule and have time set aside for you, so being late eats into another’s appointment time and delays the physician having a snow ball effect for the rest of the day. To help us all stay on time please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment for an established patient and 30 minutes for a new patient.